Sunday, February 8, 2009

A busy day!

Yesterday was a busy day! Jenny (girlfriend) and I started @ 10A, at Jeri's house (my Stampin' Up! upline), for our monthly punch class . . . oh we had so much fun!

After our punch class, we met up with Theresa (sister) and Cara (Theresa's girlfriend) at The Scrapbook Page, a wonderful local scrapbook store. They were having their annual "Garage Sale" . . . this consists of people renting a section of a table and selling their items, that they no longer use. Items they're no longer using = major cost savings for us! I got the little chipboard accordion album, for $1 each . . . can you believe it?! What a deal! Sure . . . you might need to dig a little, but you can really find some little treasures! We sat (on the floor) in line for about one hour, just to check out . . . which just lent itself to wonderful time between sisters and girlfriends.

Jenny and I got back to my house ~ 3:30P. We had a bit of time for Jenny to make 18 Ghirardelli chocolate holders and I made a card. Although I love to make cards, I don't like making sympathy cards. I know they're necessary . . . but it means that someone very close to their heart! Making sympathy cards does make you think and appreciate the family and friends that touch your life, that's for sure!

Terry (hubby) and I had our FIRST elementary school auction. We came home with some great deals there too! (Guess yesterday was my day for bargains)! I had donated the family magnet board (similar to picture to left) and it sold for $30! WAHOO! The price included personalized names of family members too . . . I wrote them a little thank you note and asked for them to contact me, with their names. Jenny and Scott (Jenny's husband) stayed with our boys . . . they sure love their time with "Aunt Jenny" and we appreciated them watching the boys for us!

Be sure to let a loved one know how much you love them today!

Thanks for stopping by the craft room!


  1. I know what you mean... I hate that sympathy cards are necessary too. Sounds like you had some wonderful "girl" time. Congrats on all of your finds!

  2. My word, how fun would it be to be your friend and neighbor?! Sounds like you had a great time with your sisters and friends. Having surgery tomorrow. I'll check in and see what's new with you on Wed.
    Have a good day.

  3. It sounds like you all had a busy but yet fun day. Next time they have a sale like that you will have to let me know. It sounds like there were alot of great buys. I can't wait till friday nite. See ya then. Have a great week!

  4. Okay, who was the sympathy card for? It turned out really pretty! Sounds like you guys had a great time at the auction and you purchased some great things! We will for sure have to remember the garage sale again for next year but get there earlier and Tammy needs to join us! We had a great time and hey Cara came out a winner of a $250.00 die cut set!!! She said she would share with everyone! Maggie you will have to show her how to use it!! Have you made anything yet with it? Hapy Valentines day to everyone!