Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Decorating + Fourth Project

We finally put up our tree over the weekend, later than we normally put it up, and decorated the house. Although I love the decorating part of it and final outcome, I've always hated dragging the stuff upstairs. . . and then packing it all away. Luckily, Terry helps bring it all upstairs and then helps me pack it all away. What a dear husband I have! ;o)

When Terry's Mom passed away, there was a cabinet in her garage that she'd put all her gardening tools in. When the kids (Terry and his siblings) asked me if there was anything in the house that I'd like . . . it was this cabinet. They thought I was nuts! I've just always LOVED this cabinet . . . we didn't have a buffet/breakfront, in our dining room, so I thought it would be great there. Can you believe they thought it was junk?!

Here is your fourth project, for Friday evening! I had gotten the idea, from a card swap that we had back in November . . . from Jeri. Her card was a bit different, I had to change it because I didn't have all the same stamp sets that she'd used. I think it came out really cute though . . . I just love the Jumbo Snowflake punch with the half pearl (from the Pretties Kit)! See you gals on Friday night!!

I can't believe that Christmas is just a little over a week away! Are you ready? We have one present to mail off, to an out-of-town neice in Colorado, and then I'll start wrapping! My main concern is to get our family to feeling all better, before then . . . we're having Christmas Eve at our house this year (with my side of the family), for our traditional boiled shrimp dinner! YUMMY!

I hope this finds you well . . . thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. I love what you did with this card! Have fun Friday night!

  2. I will see you on friday night...you did a great job on the card and decorating Betty's old cabinet!!!

  3. Wow... that cabinet is definitely not junk! It's beautiful!

  4. I love the cabinet but hey I like old stuff. It looks really nice. Love the card as well. Can't wait to see you friday nite. Hope the weather holds up.