Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First snow fall . . .

Isn't the first real snow just beautiful?! Our local weather people state that we could get anywhere between a dusting to 8 inches . . . oh my! Good thing I got 4-wheel drive!

Terry strung the lights on our house last weekend too . . . I don't know why, but I'm a
very anal-retentive on straight/white Christmas lights. Doesn't he do a superb job?! Once I took the picture, I came in to let him know that we've (he's) got two lights out over the garage . . . (giggling)

Tomorrow, our company is having our annual "Winter Folly". Some of the associates do a skit, play music, sing, dance, etc. It's a neat
winter/Christmas program, to kick off the holiday season. I volunteered to make cookies (there is a bunch of us that volunteered to bake cookies). Our company has about 15K - 19K associates world-wide and about 90% are in the Kansas City area . . . not all of 'em come to the Winter Folly, but there are quite alot that do attend. I was watching Ask Aida, on the Food Network, over the weekend and immediately knew the cookie I wanted to try! She made these Honey-Almond Lace Cookies that looked scrumptious and weren't too difficult to make. I have to tell you . . . they are like you're biting into a Heath Bar . . . they're simply delicious! I hope they go over well . . . the small ones I made for the boys to try.

Tomorrow, on the way home, I'm going to stop off an pick up some Hershey bars . . . for the gals coming next week . . . is that a tease or what?! Once I pick 'em up, I'll post the picture of your third project. :o)

I hope you're having a good week . . . thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. Wow you guys got alot of snow...A Dusting maybe here...We have more rain and ice. Okay, did you actually make the cookies or did Terry make them? They look tasty!!!!! Hope everyone likes them!!!

  2. We haven't had any snow here yet. It would be ok with me if we went all winter without any. I am the same way about Christmas lights. We only use white. Those cookies look yummy!

  3. Your pic of the house and snow look so pretty but that is as far as I want to go is just to look at it. Hate driving in that kind of weather. The cookies look scrumptous. Hope they went over well.