Thursday, December 31, 2009

Embellishing Again!

Hi there . . . from snowy Kansas and Happy New Year's Eve! I've gotta say that the boys are so enjoying time out in the snow . . . I really think Terry is tired of shoveling snow now though! :o)

While my guys were out shoveling and playing in the snow yesterday . . . again! . . . I took it upon myself to get even more Home Decor Elements up! :o) I'm on a roll aren't I?! Here's a sneak peak at one of the new Chalkboard Element (small - 13.95" x 15.95"), in the new Definitely Decorative insert! Ordering from this catalog starts January 5th!

I put this up on the door leading to the craft room . . . for a friendly reminder, as the girls are leaving, when the next workshop will be! :o) Here's your friendly reminder today, that the next workshop is Friday, January 15th @ 6:30P!

Shelli Gardner, CEO and co-founder of Stampin' Up!, put it on a cabinet - leading into their kitchen . . . oh to have her kitchen! :o)

Okay . . . here's a 'lil sneak peak of your 3D project - that you'll be making at the Valentine's workshop, in a few weeks . . . a "Olive You" gum holder! :o) It's a retired stamp set, but I think it's cute . . . and fitting for Valentine's Day!

For those of you that come to the monthly workshops . . . what would you think of creating one Christmas card, at each workshop? This way, in December, you'll already have 12 Christmas cards done or if you're ambitious . . . once you find a card that you really like, you can purchase the items needed and get to making it (early)? I'll go with the majority.

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve! Here's to a memorable 2010!

Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. Adorable!!! So will we be making 5 things or will the christmas card take one of the projects away? Just thought I would ask....That is a great idea I think. Back to work tomorrow huh sissy!!!! Glad you had a great time at home!!!! You will have a long weekend!!!! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Oh my word... those boys are cute. You do make the cutest stuff!!!!

  3. Gotta have that stamp for sure! That would work with so many things!

  4. It looks like they are really enjoying the snow!

  5. I love the gum card! Cannot wait to make it.
    I want a job where I get to think up craft ideas! Just think..on a WARM beach, with a cricket and a computer.. Karen