Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

BOO! Hope you've had a wonderful week!

Okay . . . my sister made the 1 gallon Frankenstein paint cans, a few weeks ago (see below), right? Well . . . look at what I came up with . . . I used vegetable cans! I used ZipDry, to glue the eyes, to make sure they'd stay in place. Waiting for the glue to dry was fun . . . kinda like watching paint dry! :o)

We have one of those can openers that won't pop a balloon (oh come on, you've seen the infomercial), so using the lid is safe. If you don't have one of these, I highly recommend getting one! We put some candy it them and are going to give them to the boys teachers.

I cut out some 1.25" spiders and glued them on a Nestabilities scalloped circle. I used a clear gel pin, to simulate the spider's web. Made 38 of these 'lil guys . . . all made with love . . . right? :o) Terry, my husband, even cut out some of the Nestabilities circles for me! Made it go alot quicker! What a guy!

Tomorrow is a busy day! We have a Preschool Halloween parade @ 10:00A and then the Kindergarten Halloween parade @ 1:30P! Should be a fun day though!

Hope you, and your family, have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Hi, i am just randomly glancing at blogs and saw your pic, how do you do your hair that style, I was looking this morning before makeing the BK and preping for the day and couldn't find any instruction for it. I found a you tube that was EXTRODinarly ornate, um not my thing lol My husband likes my hair up and it is VERY long so any help you could provide would be great, sorry about spelling