Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rag Purses

Theresa (AKA: Sissy) and Cara came over yesterday, to make Rag Purses. We made their purses a bit bigger than the denim one I made. They actually have lots of "stuff" they want to put in theirs! :o)

Cara is going use her purse as a diaper bag and Sissy is going to use hers as a sport purse (when they go to their sporting events) . . . hence the reason it contains all forms of sports. She even included the KU Jayhawk too . . . but she covered him up with her button! Isn't that a shame . . . poor Jayhawk? :o( We cut one out for Cara's friend, Marie, who couldn't make it . . . but she's gotta sew her purse together on her own. Didn't they turn out cute?

We used the Scallop Square die, which makes it a
breeze to cut out (can go through about 8 layers of thin fabric). After you sew it all together, you make slices along the scallop edge . . . once it's all sliced, run it through your washer & dryer about 2-3 times and viola'!

We started around 1:00P + dinner + a trip to JoAnn's (for more fabric) + cutting out three purses and sewing? They did great! Sissy's husband about flipped, when she called at 10:00P to tell him that she was on her way home! :o) Too funny!

Had a great time with you two gals!

Patrick is doing MUCH better today . . . thanks for all the well wishes for the 'lil man! ;o) Thank you for stopping by my craft room!


  1. You three did a fantastic job. They turned out really cute. I am surprised TaTa put a jayhawk on her purse. Of course another job well done.
    I am glad to hear that my lil buddy is feeling better.
    Have a great week.