Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ornament Punch - New Use!

Looking for a new use for your Stampin' Up! Ornament Punch?

This card was in out Stampin' Success magazine this month and once I saw it . . . I just had to go and make it! New uses, for punches we already have is always good . . . right?!?! :o) I changed a few things (embossing the cardstock and a making a knot in the ribbon), but who would have thunk . . . an ornament punch as a fish?!

Poor 'lil Patrick has been getting sick since about 3:30A! Nathan has something very similar last Thursday . . . but it only lasted that evening. Hopefully Patrick's symptoms last just as short as Nathan's did. Your heart just goes out to your kids, when they're sick, doesn't it? There's not much you can do . . . except give them medicine (in hopes that it'll stay down) and give them lots of love & snuggle time! :o)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

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  1. Wow that turned out really cute. Who would of thunk. LOL You always have some really cute ideas. I hate to hear that my little buddy is sick. Tell him I hope he gets to feeling better real soon.

  2. That is such a cute card! I hope Patrick is feeling better!