Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Make a box!

I was watching Scrapbook Memories the other day, on PBS. I DVR the show everyday and then watch all the shows on Saturday morning, before our two 'lil men are up and about. If you've never watched, I highly recommend it! You can always come away with some type of new idea.

On one of the episodes, the gals were showing how you can make coordinated small gifts. They added decorative paper to a small box and then made coordinating cards to put them in. They even made a small accordion picture book to put in the box! Too cute! I ran into a little problem though; I've got the cards, but all the boxes I had were either too big or small. This got me to thinking . . . why couldn't I take the same process, but just make the box instead? So I did! I had no idea making boxes would be this easy and fun!

I measured the envelopes first (an important step, if you're planning on including the envelopes with your gift) and then added 1" to all sides. I then scored the cardstock 1" in, on all sides. When you're looking at the cardstock, you're going to end up with squares on each corner. Cut the card stock on each of the four horizontal scores to the vertical score lines. You will end up with four flaps. If you're planning on using brads, adding decorative paper to the top, gluing, adding embellishments, etc . . . I recommend adding these now, before you glue the flaps. I cut out the "For You" and the flowers using the George Cricut cartridge.

Glue the flaps and hold until glue is set. Do the same process over again, for the top, and you're done! I did make the top of the box about 1/8" bigger, to fit easier over the bottom.

Fill it with some of your handmade cards and you've got an awesome gift!

Thank you for stopping by the cottage! Enjoy!

p.s. Here's a link to Scrapbook Memories website:

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