Tuesday, June 1, 2010

As I'm bed contained . . .

I am bed contained, due to the fact that last Saturday I missed the last step of our camper. Terry took me to the closest hospital and come to find out that I broke my left ankle and sprained my right foot. As you can imagine, it's hard/painful to walk . . . Terry has to help me walk to/from the 'lil girls room. The boys are being cute and helpful . . . coming in every once in awhile, to see if there is anything I need. Terry (and the boys) are being great with all of this . . . I'm so lucky!

I had to fill out my forms (online) for the physician's office, so . . . after I was done filling those out, I decided to scrapbook our Cinnamon Roll Critters class, that we took last month.

I got some cards done too, while the boys were out on their bike ride, with their Dad. Hey, as long as I don't have to get up get it . . . I am able to do craft here in bed! :o)

We'll have to play the monthly workshop by ear . . . I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for stopping by my craft room (bed) . . .


  1. *Hugs* get better and watch that last step! Jennifer

  2. Peggy! I hope that you heal fast and that you aren't in too much pain.

  3. The first step is a doozy......no more chasing bears!!!! Get well fast...we miss you....

  4. WOW,girl!! I hope you get better fast!!! I'm glad you have your family to help you!!!You're stuff is awesome,as usual!!!

  5. Ouch! I hope you feel better soon!