Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another MDS Scrapbook Page

Last night, when I was getting into bed . . . I heard a pop, from my right foot (the sprained foot). Then the pain started up again . . . :o( When I talked with Jenny, she said it was probably a ligament . . . boy it's great to have a BFF, that is an orthopedic nurse too!

We were supposed to go to Jenny's home tonight, to celebrate Ashley's (Jenny's youngest daughter) 21st birthday. We were all looking SO forward to going and seeing all of Jenny & Scott's family . . . since we only get to see them for the life milestone celebrations. Since I can't walk (like I had been the last two days) . . . Terry has banned me to the bedroom. So . . . I guess the next time we'll see all of them is when Ashley graduates from KU next year.

So . . . as I sit in bed (again) . . . I have my laptop opened, creating more scrapbook pages! :o) Here's another one. We started a tradition, this year, that on the first & last day of school . . . we celebrate by going to Ben & Jerry's, for some ice cream. With MDS, you can color match the punches and stamps. I color matched the apples, to the wall color at Ben & Jerry's, and the mats (and scallop edge) are from the booth. Fun, huh?

Okay . . . back to scrapbooking . . . thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. Super cute. Love how the middle photo just pops off of the page, just adorable!!!!

  2. Poor thing! I really hope you feel better soon!