Friday, April 9, 2010

Kids Krop

I'm having a Kids Krop (all girls) tomorrow. I didn't want to post this earlier, because their Moms subscribe to my posts and I wanted it to be a surprise for them too! :o) This is one of their projects tomorrow.

I'd found a similar project on the Internet (sorry I can't remember what site, or I'd give you the credit). Thought it's be good for young gals to create, don't you think?

We're having another weekend crop, this coming October, and this will be my M&T project for the attendees! A little sneak peak, for those of you coming in October! :o) For those going to the weekend crop, in October, I thought if you would be going to the scrapbook convention also . . . this would be perfect to put your money, credit cards, & license in . . . so you don't have to lug around a purse. Those purses can be heavy after awhile! :o) I put my 'lil name tag button, from the Spring Fling on it too! I just had to! :o)

I'll post the rest of their projects . . . their doing a alien card and the the glass jar, from one of my M&Ts at the Spring Fling. I sure hope the 'lil crafters, coming tomorrow, enjoy all their projects.

I'm meeting Jeri (my upline) tomorrow afternoon, to start discussing the Stampin' Up! convention . . . the convention is in Utah, at the end of July. This will be my first year attending and absolutely I can't wait!

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  1. You are so clever with your ideas! I bet they LOVED making their things!
    And thanks for a fun discussion over Marguaritas about convention! (even tho I noticed I had on 2 different earrings when I got home!)