Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Perpetual Calendar Workshop

Hey there ladies!

Well, we had the Perpetual Calendar Workshop, last Friday night. Funny . . . you have five gals and every calendar starts off the same, but each of them end up looking different?! All of them were so very cute! I should have taken a picture of each one of them, before they left. I'll know better next time. This is a pictures of Theresa's calendar.

Don't forget to leave comments, or follow this blog, for a chance to win a Doodlecharms pad of paper and two rolls of tacky tape (the red stuff). The drawing is on 1/1/09 @ 12P.

It's so feeling a lot like Christmas tonight. Terry and I are baking and wrapping presents! We're making stuffed croissants & stuffed jalapenos
. . . along with our boys favorite . . . Snowman Poop! :o)

We're having our traditional family
Christmas Eve dinner, boiled shrimp & baby potatoes! Our parents started this tradition, when we moved to Kansas City . . . I hate to say this . . . 40 years ago! :o) After dinner, the four of us used get in the car and drive around to all the Christmas light displays. Thinking of those memories put a big smile on my face and some tears too . . . of missing our Mom during this time of year, who passed away in 2004. Now, our Dad is remarried to LaDonna and we're starting/adding new traditions, along with our old ones too. It's all about family and friends, during this time of year.

Moms are the glue to families and traditions. Oh come on . . . let's face it . . . if it wasn't for Moms . . . our fellas would be happy making grilled cheese sandwiches, Mac-n-Cheese, sittin' around drinking some beer, and having belching contests all night! I guess it's whatever makes you happy, right? If that's your traditional Christmas Eve, I didn't mean to offend you!

Whatever your family Christmas tradition, may you be surrounded by love and your memories make you smile.

Happy Holidays!

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