Friday, December 12, 2008

8 Simple Signs Your Wife Scrapbooks/Stamps

My husband found this on the Internet, the other day, and couldn't resist sending it to me . . . wonder why? :o)

8 Simple Signs your wife scrapbooks/stamps:

1. Your wife says she is going to a crop and you expect her to come home with vegetables.
2. You ask where the glue is and she looks at you with a blank stare until you say adhesive.
3. Your wife has been accused of scraplifting and you ask her when her court date is.
4. You are excited when your wife tells you that she is swapping with her friends. Only to find out later that it means something completely different than you thought.
5. You get excited when your wife tells you that she got a job doing something she loves, only to find out that she makes less than illegal aliens!
6. Your wife plans family events because she wants to make a scrapbook page about it.
7. Scrap area is clean and organized, rest of the house . . . not so much.
8. 40% off coupons in the paper on Sunday = 40% more spending.

Hope you enjoyed! Go ahead . . . tell me that you don't fall under any/all of the eight above!
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