Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Brr"thday Party Invitations

Hope you had a wonderful week! I had a great time making these cards/invitations, with my sister on Sunday afternoon! Nothing like some special "girl time" with your sister!!

I had gone to a local stamp store a little while ago, where we made this particular card as a $1 Make & Take. The card we made was orange and stamped, of course it was a stamp store, with a silhouette of an orange slice. I had shown the card to my sister and she went crazy over it! She asked if we could some how make this card for her son's birthday party. Since I have a Cricut, I wanted to try and reinvent this to use the Cricut instead of using stamps. She came over on Sunday and we whipped out the invitations!

To make the card/invitation, we cut a piece of card stock 4.25"x5.5" and fold 5.5" part in half. Once folded, you can put dots on the front of the card with either a stamp or dot the card all over with a pen (coordinate the same color as the cardstock). Corner punch all the corners. Cut your white piece of cardstock (for the inside) 4"x5.25" and corner punch the corners of this also. Cut out a 3" ice cream cone and a 1" popsicle (for the inside), both are on the
Doodlecharms cartridge.

To get the bite mark: lay the white cardstock inside the card, meeting all corners on the top/right. Run the card through the Cuttlebug with Nestabilities (second smallest size). We did
had awesome luck with the Nestabilities cutting all three pieces.

Place glue all over the inside (right side) of your card. Place a popsicle stick down and then place your white piece of cardstock over this. For placement of the popsicle stick, we laid the card on top of one of the envelopes my sister is going to use. This way, you know how far up to place the popsicle stick. :o) We didn't do this at the stamp shop and now I can't mail it, because it's too tall for any of the envelopes I have! We used pop-dots, to place the ice cream cone and popsicles onto the invitations.

Tie a piece of ribbon (missing the pictures) around the base of the card/invitation. This will also help your card/invitation stay shut. WAHOO . . . you're done!

Have a wonderful week! Talk to you next Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by the cottage!

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