Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Okay, with real estate . . . it's all about location, location, location. When you have a craft room, it's all about organization, organization, organization (especially when you have to count everything for tax purposes)!!

I was out on Angie Juda's blog bright & early on Monday morning (6:00A) and got SO inspired, by her organization skills with paper, ink, etc. She redesigned her whole craft room! If you have some time, check out her videos (there are 3 parts) on how she has her craft room is organized! WOW!

So, Monday night . . . while Terry and Nathan were at their Wolf Den meeting, Patrick and I hit HomeDepot. We had to pick up Nathan in one hour, so we had power shopping to do! I wanted bins that I could put my ink pad, reinker, daubber, and sponge in (by color). HomeDepot didn't have what I was looking for . . . so off to Sears we went! Felt kind funny walking around HomeDepot and Sears with an ink pad (to ensure it would fit)! :o) They had them . . . so I bought two! Then we went to K-Mart and bought a labeler! We did all of this in ONE HOUR! Can you believe it?! Once we got home, I just had to start into organizing it . . . here's what it looks like. Excuse the graininess of the photos, I took them with my iPhone.

Here's what each individual drawer looks like. I then put them in alphabetical order . . . thought I could find 'em faster that way. Tonight, I'm helping Patrick's Tiger Cub Den with making a scrapbook . . . they really had to twist my arm on that one! :o)

I have the monthly workshop, on Friday night . . . so I'll post the projects out there either tonight or tomorrow night. Can't wait for the gals to see the new 'lil cabinets! :o)

I'm going to take on organizing my paper scraps next! Gosh this feels good! Look out, an organized monster is erupting! :o)

Thanks for stopping by my craft room! Peggy

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