Friday, February 11, 2011

My Digital Studio

Stampin' Up! just came out with a My Digital Studio Catalog! WAHOO! It's 76 pages, so I don't know about printing it . . . but pretty cool that it's all in one place now! Be sure to mark it as a favorite!

Want to see other creative work, forums, or videos? There is a website just designed for My Digital Studio!

We've got Cousin Night, with Theresa's (sister) boys, at our house tomorrow night . . . so I'll be sure to snap some photos of all the boys! The boys look so forward to this night every month! :o)

I made some Valentine/Anniversary cards, for Theresa and Jenny, but since their anniversaries aren't until Monday . . . I'm not going to post the pictures until then. :o( I don't wanna spoil the surprise, if they go out here . . . 'ya know? I hope they like 'em!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


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