Monday, October 11, 2010

October Workshop

This past weekend, there were a bunch of us gals that got together for a weekend of cropping and fun! Some of us went to the CK Convention on Friday . . . and some went on Saturday, but we all met up for the Manager's Reception! Here are the gals (l-r): Jenny, me, Vicki, Jeri (SU! Upline), Theresa (sister), Elaine (celebrated her 29th birthday), Cara, Sharon, Sherry (SU! Sideline), DeAnn (SU! Sideline), and Laura. It was so much fun being around such creative women for a whole weekend!

I swear we all played so many practical jokes on each other all weekend . . . I laughed so hard that at times I was in tears! You gals are so creative and alot fun! Thank you for a wonderful weekend!

I'm also very lucky and thankful to married to a wonderful husband, of 9 years this Wednesday, that allows me to have these wonderful (and much needed) times with these gals. Thank you Terry!

I am having the October workshop, this Friday at 6:30P. Here's a picture of your projects! Isn't that 'lil bunny just the cutest?

Please RSVP, if your coming to the workshop. Thank you for stopping by my craft room!


  1. Yes-that was too much fun! And you weren't the only one in tears all weekend from laughing! Cute projects for your workshop!

  2. I think you need to post pics of some of the pranks! I had a great time....thanks for including me!

    Cara :o)