Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Workshop

Well . . . it's been awhile, huh? I've gotten alot of flack, over not updating my blog in awhile! :o) Two weeks after I broke my left ankle and right foot . . . I got a new boss (my last boss had retired in April). Needless to say . . . between late hours, the boys starting back to school, and now we have two 'lil Cub Scouts . . .

In July, I had the Stampin' Up! Convention and two days later, we traveled (with the camper and nothing broke), on a week-long family vacation for the airshow in Oshkosh, WI with Papa & LaLa! Going to the EAA airshow used to be an annual Father/Daughter trip . . . prior to kids! :o) This was wonderful to share the whole EAA experience with Terry, the boys, and LaLa.

See . . . I told you we've been busy! :o) Then to beat all, I lost my USB adapter to my camera . . . so I had to order a new one . . . that was shipped from China (took a month to get here)! GEEZ!

We did find some time to get a Cousin Night in . . . boy that was difficult, to find ONE Saturday that would work, between Theresa's boys schedule and ours! I can't wait until Brent (Theresa's youngest, far right) has his birthday next month . . . then the boys will be 6, 7, 8, and 9 . . . until Jackson (Theresa's oldest, orange shirt) turns 10 in December. We had a Wii tournament and our tradition breakfast, Pancake Puffs . . . oh what fun!!
I actually went shopping yesterday . . . something I hadn't done in awhile . . . for shoes non the less! :o) I've missed trying on shoes! My right foot still hurts, every once in awhile, but it's tolerable. I bought a couple pairs of short heals . . . WAHOO! Of course, with new shoes . . . has to come an outfit . . . right?! :o)
Here are the projects, for the September Workshop, this Friday, at 6:30P . . . finishing up the 4th project (drum roll please) . . . a recipe page!

I'm having some 'lil ladies over, on Saturday, for a a Kids Krop . . . they're going to make the owl and witch card + they're going to make a travel scrapbook! This will be something that the kiddos can add their travel pictures to, for the rest of their lives . . . 'ya know?
How are you doing? How was your summer?
Hope you're having a great weekend! Going to go watch the Chiefs game with Terry . . . thanks for stopping by my craft room!



  1. Oh my gosh sista....FINALLY!!!! Thanks for finally posting something new!!! I think Jackson looks kind of weird in that pic of the cousin night, he looks a little bottom heavy and we know that isn't true at all!!! LOL We will have cousin night at our house next month. The boys are looking forward to it, but we have to make it on a Friday because of our schedules!!!! We will have a lot of little projects to do sissy between now and christmas!!! Can't wait to craft with you!!!!

  2. I'm sorry you broke your ankle...that's awful!!! But I'm glad to see you are healing up!!! Thanks for the update!!! your family pics are great.....the kids are adorable!!! ;)

  3. Glad to see you back in "blog land"! You have had quite a busy schedule!